Advanced LEAP Wifi

Android is a great platform but it had one shortcoming when it came to wifi: it couldn't connect to networks protected with the LEAP protocol! The developer documentation revealed it is supported, but the configuration of it was not externalized in any user interface. In the corporate world, LEAP is very commonly used and this feature has been requested of Google for years.

As my place of business also uses LEAP, I had a personal interest in getting this to work. I hope you find the same value in it!

There is a basic, free version, "LEAP Wifi Free", along with a more robust version, "Advanced LEAP Wifi". Features found in the advanced version not in the free version:

  • Advanced network settings
  • Scan for nearby SSIDs
  • Edit existing LEAP configurations
  • No advertisements or popups

Advanced LEAP Wifi on the Android Market or email a link.
LEAP Wifi Free on the Android Market or email a link.

Support Questions

My userid contains a Windows domain and my device is unable to connect to our LEAP network.

There have been many reports of this issue and it appears to be a limitation of Android. When comparing the supplicant configuration file between a working Linux system and a non-working Android device, there are no differences. I am sorry but there does not appear to be a way around this at this time.

My network has a hidden SSID and my device is not finding it after creating the profile with LEAP Wifi.

There have been reports of this despite the fact that the hidden property is set by LEAP Wifi. Some have been successfully finding the network by creating the profile with LEAP Wifi and then using a free market app called HiddenSSID Enabler on the Android Market or email a link against that profile.

I'm unable to connect to my LEAP network using LEAP Wifi Free.

LEAP Wifi Free has the LEAP settings hard coded and the settings chosen are intended to work for the widest audience possible. This means that it may not work for you. In this case, you should try the paid version of Advanced LEAP Wifi on the Android Market or email a link which gives you control over the advanced LEAP settings. If this still does not work for you, and I can not resolve your issue, you have 24 hours from the time of purchase to cancel and refund your money.

In the paid version, when I scan for SSID and select one of the SSIDs found during the scan, the resulting profile I create is a duplicate SSID of one I already created.

If you do not click on an existing profile and select "Edit", any profile you create will be in addition to any existing ones, regardless of duplicate SSIDs. This is by design because you could potentially have multiple physical locations with the same SSIDs but different login credentials.